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Hello and thank you for visiting Preferred Commercial Insurance.

My name is Kevin Flynn, and over the past 30 years I have been fortunate enough to have several of my own successful businesses, including my own bar, restaurant, construction company, and of course, my own insurance company.

After being a landscape contractor for 20 years, serving the workers comp needs of California Businesses has become my sole focus. I know from personal experience how much workers compensation affect your bottom line. The next few years are going to bring vast and sweeping changes in workers compensation. The industry simply cannot continue to exist as it is. Insurance carriers, physicians, lobbyists, employees and even business owners themselves must work together in order for California businesses to survive.

1) More than 55 California Workers Comp Carriers have already filed for rate increases and more are on the way.
2) Many of those rate increases were for more than 30%!
3) The WCIRB has changed the formula they use to calculate your x-mod, and the result has been that numerous clients have seen significant increases in their x-mods this year!
4) The chasm between those with low rates and high rates is greater than ever, which means those with low rates are winning more bids!

The bottom line is that the contractors who will succeed in this market are the ones who are willing to make changes!

Change is not easy, and sadly, many wait until it is too late. But on the other side of change is opportunity, and the greatest reward to me is to see the businesses we help go on to flourish.

Kevin Flynn

Victory Engineers

"Excavation, concrete, bridge-building, and more is what we do.  I was absolutely astonished when Kevin saved us $40,000!”

ERC Roofing

“Thirty Percent!  That’s how much Kevin saved us.  We’re a roofing company and Kevin saved us 30%!”

Prestige Gunite

“Running a big company, worker’s comp is a huge cost for us.  Kevin takes care of our worker’s comp not just because he saves us the most, but because he’s the best.  Not to mention he saved us $30,000!”

Bates Welding

“I really didn’t think that I had many options as a welder, but I was super happy with the rates that Kevin got me!”

Commercial Building Services

“We were shocked at our renewal rates.  Not only was Kevin able to save us forty percent, he back-dated us after we had already renewed, avoiding a mid-term move with damage to our ex-mod!”

Icon Maintenance Services

“It takes a lot to earn our business, and I was skeptical at first, but Kevin delivered the best rates with the best company, just as promised!”

San Carlos Cleaning

"As a commercial janitorial company, Kevin got us the best rates, with an excellent company for our workman's comp insurance, just like he promised!"


“Quality customer service, honesty, and savingsare a rare package these days.  I have to say I was very impressed to have gotten all 3 from Kevin Flynn.”

New World Mfg.

“We run an extremely unique business, and so I was pleasantly surprised when Kevin was able to offer me options and save me money on our Worker’s Comp!”

GC Forest Products

“I’m a logger, and the thought of saving money on my worker’s comp seemed like a pipe-dream, but Kevin cut my rates in HALF!”


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